Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deer in the Headlights

There is another deer on the side of the road, slaughtered by its own daring. I imagine that it stood at the edge of the wood, eyeing the trees on the other side of the concrete river with longing. It saw the deer across feasting on flowers that seemed unending. That yellow line must be the boundary into a magical world. The poor thing must have begun to envy the way man envies. Like a Shakespearean tragic hero, he felt the tide of jealousy well up inside of him.

He must have the neighboring kingdom. He would stop at nothing to preside majestically over both realms. Why should he stop on this side of the stone creek? Even though the fast creatures with the bright yellow eyes came tearing down the smooth, grey surface, nothing would hold our hero back. He resolved to do what others warned against.

He knew it was possible to cross the road – he had seen it done. He has seen others rise to the challenge and complete it successfully. He is just as powerful as they are, just as strong, if not more so. He thought of his accomplishments, his women, his children, his territory. They are impressive by any standard. He had the record of excellence, why should he fear?

I believe that he stepped out into the road, not in a panic as he should have, but with his chest out before him. I believe that he did not look to see if one of those frightening beasts was racing toward him. I believe that he had forgotten reality in the moment of his self-validation. If only the prophets had warned the deer that pride cometh before a fall.

As a man going into debt, seeking the hand of a lover, or pursuing the ever elusive power and popularity, this buck sauntered onto the cement with his head held high, looking at those on the opposite side with contempt. Basking in the quickly oncoming light, he smirked in a self-satisfied way. It was all so easy.

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