Sunday, February 16, 2014


I am a firm believer in grace. I don't think we talk about grace enough in the Church. It has filled me, lifted me, and most importantly, it has changed me.

What exactly is grace? It is "the divine means of help or strength, given through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ." It is by and through his grace that we are able to repent and utilize the Atonement. I'm not going to get into a faith vs. works discussion. Let me just state that I believe that "faith without works is dead," and I am not trying to "earn heaven, but learn heaven." What I want to talk about is how Christ's "grace is sufficient for all men" and all situations. We should open our hearts and lives so that his grace can enter.

I don't think that the Atonement of Jesus Christ only forgives sins. Why would we try to limit the Savior?! It says that his grace is sufficient. His help or strength is enough! It's more than enough. It not only can redeem us from the fall, but Christ overcame the world -- he can help you do the same! He not only can, but he wants to. God gives you righteous desires -- He has also provided a means of assistance. Are you struggling in school? Grace is there. Trying to be healthier? Grace is there. Want to conquer negative self-talk? The answer lies with grace. Don't EVER think that Christ can't or doesn't want to help you. He can, and he will. Always. I testify of this truth.

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