Monday, September 26, 2011

Moments That Matter Most

There is nothing quite like the inspiration that comes from the Holy Ghost. Or better yet, nothing like following that inspiration. Sometimes, in our busy lives, it's extremely important to stop and do the "silly, little" things that we could, and probably should, do later. I've learned this one through experience. For example: Does it make sense to stop and write a friend a letter in the middle of the school day when you have TONS of homework? No. Is that letter important to that struggling friend? Absolutely. Or, it's pretty dumb to heart attack someone in the middle of the afternoon, when it's still totally light outside, and his parents are sitting outside, right? Yeah. Am I glad we did it anyway? It is one of my favorite memories.

Sometimes, raising your hand in Young Women's with a comment that will touch someone else's heart is an act of service that we don't know we are performing. We may never know it. But they will. I have been on the receiving side of this before. Sometimes a random hug will make someone's day (or week, in some cases.) Shouting "Hey *insert name here*! I LOVE YOU!" and meaning it. Listening to someone for a while. Smiling. Mourning with those who mourn. It's what counts.

Are we then to forget about the big things, like school or noble service project?? No! We are to learn how to balance it. A challenge, but indeed a noble endeavor Below is one of my favorite videos in the whole world. (It makes me tear up every time.) The words spoken and shown in this video are far more eloquent than mine, and the images paint a beautiful picture. Enjoy!

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