Monday, January 9, 2012

Gendercide - Real or Imagined?

What is gendercide? It is killing someone based on their gender. Simple, right? Yes. Totally horrible, right? Yes. Not an issue today, right? Wrong. Gendercide is a serious issue that most people don't seem to realize is there. We don't hear about it much in the US, but it's definitely happening. This goes back to abortion and child welfare. Sorry for repetition.

I love diverse cultures. I love studying them, learning their customs, eating their food (especially eating their food.). But there is in some cultures a dated and incorrect practice - devaluing women and girls as burdens to the family. Girls are unwanted. The cultures require a dowry to be paid to the man that marries the daughter of the family. They place financial stress on a already struggling family. "A study of a Mumbai (Bombay) clinic found that 7,999 out of 8,000 aborted [children] were female. In families where food is scarce, girls ages 1-5 were 43% more likely than boys to die of hunger or malnutrition, according to another study," (James M. Rubenstein). While girls create a burden, boys create opportunity for financial gain. They can get higher paying work, as well as marry for a dowry. It is an awful practice that must be stopped.

Abortion. Giving the child lowest priority when it comes to eating. Abandoning babies. Having sex change operations when the child is an infant. WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS THIS?? It is the world we live in. Gendercide is a real problem. We should not ignore this as an "imagined crisis" or a "cultural custom". It is evil. We are looking for the Lost Girls that will never be found. Life is precious. We cannot afford to treat it like it is something that we can recycle.

A lack of women leads to another problem. Sex trafficking becomes more and more prevalent as the gender ratio difference gets larger and larger. We're talking about kidnapping and selling GIRLS into prostitution! This is all linked to the idea that we are smarter than we really are. That we can bend the laws of nature, limiting each couple to one child. I guess they forgot about the cultural variable in their equation. We are HUMANS. We are not all-knowing (even if some of us seem to think so). Let's please STOP trying to control the minuet details in other people's lives. It isn't only that it's girls that they're killling. It's that they are taking AGENCY and the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE from both the child they are killing and the parents they are regulating. This comes down to human rights. What has God given us as humans. Even if you don't believe in God, is slavery wrong? Is murder wrong? Is torture wrong? In forcing abortions/sterilization on those women who WANT to have more than one child, they are committing every one of these crimes.

All Girls Allowed is a foundation that is focusing on ending the gendercide caused by the One-Child Policy in China.

This is what I mean about being "pro-life". It's not just about abortion. It's about defending LIFE, physical and spiritual, from whatever may attempt to destroy it.

Think about it.

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