Sunday, April 8, 2012

I've Got A Dream...

I've been letting things go. I'm going to have totally different experiences. I'm letting go of some relationships that aren't working out. I'm picking myself up and "marchin' on." (Nod to OneRepublic.) And I started realizing things about myself that I never noticed before. Most importantly, I figured out dreams that I had not been acknowledging. Wow. That's a lot. Not that these people and things were holding me back, but I was holding myself to a certain direction for them.

A dream I realized: I want to start a school.

I want to buy an old estate with a big house and a stable and start a school. I want there to be "houses" like in Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables. I want to teach the Classics.I want there to be music, art, geography, history, government, theatre - things that sometimes get overlooked. I want my science classes to be balanced, with opportunity to learn science without worrying about politics. I want girls to learn horseback riding, archery, and baking, and the boys to learn fencing, home-repair, and outdoor skills. Everyone learns basic cooking, ballroom dancing, and swimming.  I want to have respect, responsibility, and fun all on the same level of importance. I want to create a place where kids can run around and have fun, and think that learning is fun and exciting. (Which it totally is.) A place where they can think seriously about their futures without feeling pressured to take paths that aren't for them. A place where the trades are just as valuable as college. I want a place where kids are presented with information, and they can decide what to do with it, and learn how to form their own opinions. I love the dream of it. I hope I can create this place, even on a small scale for my kids or students.

See the things you learn about yourself when you move on? Sometimes it's painful, but it may be surprising what you discover when you shove off from the familiar shore.

Peace from the East,

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