Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jumping Jacks

I've got a concept for a TV show! This is what the reviews will say when it comes out:

"Jumping Jacks" is a quirky program packed full of personality. It follows the lives of 6 teenagers; Ashley, Camille, Livy, Calvin, Carter, and Brandon. The pilot episode establishes the characters as they cope with their friends' graduation, leaving them behind.

Ashley is a spirited firecracker, always in for a laugh or a good time. That intensity can be turned against her when she is faced with drama or disappointments. She is an unknowing flirt, and that sometimes can get her into trouble.

Camille is the blond beauty. She is sweet and looks out for her friends. She is the oldest of the group, and yet is the one who claims to have no idea how to how to talk to boys, although they admire her anyway. She can play a handful of sports very well also. If we didn't love her, we'd be so jealous of her.

Livy is a dork who loves history and writing. She loves the stage and anything British. She sometimes enjoys taking a step back and just watching the rest of the group interact. She hates seeing anyone of her friends hurt, and can be the momma bear if necessary. She also is one who loves giving advice, although sometimes the group doesn't really want it.

Calvin is the mathematical genius of the group. He can calculate numbers in his head in a flash. He seems quiet, and for parts of the episode, you start to forget he's there. Then, out of the blue, he'll give a one-liner that leaves your sides aching, and you realize why you couldn't live without him.

Carter is a heartthrob. (Look out teen population of America!) He is a total flirt, but not a jerk. Sometimes, he surprises with another dimension to his character, such as revealing that he performs Shakespeare or listens to the boy band that all the tween girls are obsessed with. Still, he's a boy's boy, tackling the other guys or frequently calling people "boob", and then giving this little smile he can't hold back.

Lastly, Brandon is the best friend that every girl wishes for. He listens, asks for advice, and knows how to have fun. He always wears his heart on his sleeve, which can sometimes lead to drama. We predict that Brandon will have a huge following as well. We foresee a "Team Carter". "Team Brandon", and "Team Calvin" type battle in the very near future.

We found it interesting that the kids are never shown in a high school. They will refer to "classes" or "homework", but never talk about their school sports teams or rivalries. The group is very musical, with Calvin and Ashley playing the piano, Brandon playing guitar, Carter plays the bass, and the girls sing. All of the kids - except Calvin - participate in a community theatre program that they mention. We hope that there will be an episode or two showing us that side of them!

The relationships between each of the kids are interesting and complex. Although they love each other dearly, the very real sisterhood between Livy and Ashley sometimes leads to conflict and competitiveness. The "will they, won't they?" back and forth of Ashley and Brandon. The continuing flirtation between Carter and Camille. (Although they are the youngest and oldest of the group. We don't see that going anywhere.) It goes on and on.

The choice of "Lights" by Ellie Goulding for the theme song was an interesting one, although we approve after watching the show. The feeling of being part of a group of kids gives this show an addicting quality. We can't wait to see where "Jumping Jacks" will take us!

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