Monday, September 9, 2013

Go Cougars! NSO and Week One

I started college at one of the coolest places ever: BYU. I'm really excited to spend four years here. One thing about moving more than 2000 miles away from home is that your family doesn't get to participate in your day to day life. So, my mom asked me to send her a picture every day. EVERY DAY?! A picture every day. My life cannot be that interesting. However, I started doing it, and I'm really excited about this project. I'm going to share this project with you. It's mostly so my mom and I have everything in one place. I'll probably use parts of the captions I sent my mother on the photos here. Of course, some things are between my momma and me.

This was the first picture I sent my mom. The caption was "BYU Incoming Class of 2013!" New student orientation is rockin', yo. Also, can I just say: SO MANY MORMONS.

The next day, I went to the Honors program information session. My roommate and I decided to register for the Honors Seminar. It's a 1 credit lecture series that introduces students to various disciplines and how those fields attempt to answer "Great Questions," such as "What is knowledge/justice/happiness, and how do we attain it?" This is the textbook for the class.
At some point I made friends. This is a picture of some of those awesome people. My three lovely suitemates are also in this picture.

This is the Maeser Building. It is awesome. It is one of the oldest buildings on campus, and is dedicated to one of my personal heroes. Karl G. Maeser and his wife were the first people baptized in Germany. It was then against the law to be LDS, so they fled to America. Brother Maeser was a highly educated man, and had worked as a professor in Europe. When they arrived in Utah, Brigham Young called him to open a school in Provo. It started as Brigham Young Academy. Brother Maeser saw BYA through extremely challenging times, and it is because of him that BYU is the way it is today. When he was called, Brigham Young said to him: "Brother Maeser, I want you to remember that you ought not to teach even the alphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God. That is all. God bless you. Good-bye."

Labor Day! We hadn't started school yet, so a group of us decided to walk to the nearest Indian restaurant, which is south of campus. We thought it would be six or so people, but we ended up with TWENTY-SIX. We all walked the mile from where we live on campus to the restaurant. It was a blast. Plus, we started Ethnic Food Night, which will take place once a month.

Then we had the first day of school! WOO! It was really exciting. I had three classes that day. (Starting with an 8am class. I thought 'Oh, I've done four years of early morning seminary.' Turns out that waking up in general is hard.) It went really well, and I'm pumped to be here. I'm also grateful to be on such a beautiful campus.
Bonus picture! My duvet cover finally came, and I had to send a picture of my completed room. I love it! It's really happy.
This picture is from the lobby of the Eyring Science Center. I have my geography class in this awesome building. All throughout the lobby, they have hands-on science displays. It's a blast to hangout in. Also, the planetarium there ROCKS.
Thursday was day of classes. I didn't remember to take any interesting pictures. When that happens, you get this - homework selfie! Terrible, I know. But it's what I sent my mom.
Spirit Friday! Our girls went all out. These are two of my fantastic suitemates. (Otherwise known as "sweetmates.") My third lovely suitemate was behind the camera (cellphone in this case).
The next day, we played Texas in football. We went to the game two hours early like dedicated fans, sat there for a while, and then entered the twilight zone. A black cloud of death rapidly moved over the stadium, settled right over us and then let loose. The BYU website said that it was "a rainstorm that would've impressed Noah." True story. We huddled for safety under the bleachers. Once the game actually started, we won by 19! I guess that's a good story.
Bonus pictures (From BYU Athletics):

Sunday was excellent. We had church and a CES broadcast from BYU-H with Elder Nelson. He was to the point and blunt with us. I loved it. If you didn't get to watch it, here is the link: September CES Fireside.
NSO plus my first full week at BYU were a success, if I do say so myself. I like the way my classes are looking, I have fun friends, and my roommates are AMAZING. I feel the Spirit regularly, and I've had a lot of fun. Here's to Fall 2013!

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