Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rita's Visit. Week 3

We had a visit from Rita. Rita is a spunky little red car who belongs to my friend's parents. Rita came to stay with us for the week, which was excellent. We took advantage of her presence.

Monday was one of those Rita afternoons. We drove 40 minutes to the closest Chipotle, which was totally worth it. We also had to hit up Target to get some essentials - toilet paper and the like.

It was dear Becca's birthday. So glad we decided to let her know how much we love her!

A great part of college life, no? NO.

We went to see Mindy Gledhill and Book on Tape Worm at our hipster venue. They were SO great, and we had an awesome first suite date night.

So, I technically had to see it for class, but I was so glad I went to EviDANCE. It is an international dance show that the university dance companies put on each fall. The tech/effects were awesome, the performers knew and rocked their stuff, and the music was AMAZING. I'm so glad I go here.

HOLY WAR. Whenever I hear that I think of the Florence & the Machine song, Seven Devils. It's the first line. "HOOHHH-LEEY WAR!" Anyway... We played our rivals on Saturday, and unfortunately, we lost. BUT. I had a great time with some cool people.

Sunday, I participated in a long tradition of tunnel singing here on campus. We go to a tunnel and sing hymns for an hour. It's beautiful. Halfway through, everyone sits down except the people who received mission calls that week. Then we go around and they announce where they're serving. It's an amazing energy to feel the genuine happiness for those who received a call. Then we stand and sing Called to Serve. Awesome thing.  

It was a good week. Crazy, but fantastic. Again, I'm so grateful to be here.

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