Saturday, February 18, 2012

World Travel.

I'm very sure ships could be sinking mid-way along kindly made glaciers. I never sway from eating little lunches because it upsets mom. Snakes yield other unfortunate attributes, even queasy bodily kinks. Girls always adore turkeys under the kiwi kayak. Pretty Indians sell new banging, blue buttons. Lice can't vex minor singers in brutally evil ticklish places. Ruling monarchs canNot stop jewel thieves. Buff guys hate eating non-cooked pancakes. Virginians go silly for golf. Can elephants pounce bouncy castles and undo party bags? Even lost toys attack many wilting military men needing cold strawberry slushies. Cool swag guys go before girls secret lovers' lies. Catching burning fires gets to be nasty 'cause every single person goes. Entreat doves' every sailing kind until days run circularly calling cool adoring rain. Angels never stop attending little sweet baby zebras zealously miracles till bravely retiring. Colors unite sails of ambrosia at midnight.

I'm Jordan, and Iraq, 'cause Iran to Afghanistan. <3

Where the Heck is Matt?

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  1. Ha! Ha! No one can comment because only a select few geographically gifted folks know what you are talking about!!!!

    - Momma Sheets (I haven't figured out how to name myself yet!)